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Treatment Process

After your initial evaluation we set up the necessary diagnostic tests for you and perform them. Once we get the results, we bring you in for a consultation concerning the results and outline your treatment plan. Although plans are individualized, here is a typical HDPT rehabilitation plan.

  1. Multi-axle rotational chair by Ultrathera: This chair can spin 360 degrees forward and backward as well as 360 degrees side to side and is utilized to rehabilitate central and peripheral vestibular issues.
    • Peripheral vestibular dysfunction: If a crystal is dislodged and goes in to the canal we use the chair to reposition it on the membrane by using gravity and momentum with a process called the Barany Maneuver. The Barany maneuver typically takes 2 treatment sessions to be effective with a minimum of one-day rest and a maximum of one-week rest in between treatment sessions. If there is a peripheral vestibular dysfunction we address this before we address any central vestibular dysfunction.
    • Central vestibular dysfunction: In order to rehabilitate central dysfunction, we need to stimulate the brain to a point where it begins to heal itself (a process known as neuroplasticity). The brain will heal itself in response to appropriate stimulation by either repairing pathways or creating new ones. The chair allows us to stimulate the vestibular system while also stimulating the brain and visual systems to repair central dysfunction. We use a 7 treatment cycle (Central TRX) to accomplish this. The treatment cycle occurs over a three-week time period in which we have 3 treatment sessions in 3 consecutive days the first week and 2 treatment sessions a week with a day of rest in between for the last 2 weeks.
  2.  Exercises: Performed during the cycle

In order for full rehabilitation to occur, we also include exercises designed to rehabilitate the visual and balance systems that have been disrupted. This is done through a variety of exercises in the clinic and at home and will be directed by your treating therapist.