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At HDPT we are committed to ensuring the safety of all our patients throughout the entire treatment process. Below are some of the safety practices we use to ensure safe treatment for all our patients.

  • Our Multi-Axial Rotational System (MARS and also known as a GyroStim) has been vigorously tested for safety and has a fail-safe design. Fail-safe design means there are redundant stop controls that protect the patient against any malfunctions.
  • Our multi-axial rotational chair has been inspected and deemed safe by Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. and has been cleared for use in research with human subjects by multiple institutional review boards around the country and world.
  • At the highest speeds our chair can produce, we do not exceed 3 G forces which is less than the average 5+ G forces that roller coasters produce.
  • The most important part of treatment is communication with your therapist. At HDPT we are committed to providing an all around positive and beneficial experience to all our patients and encourage questions throughout our process.
  • The process of brain treatment and recovery can be uncomfortable and at times provoke symptoms related to injury.  Our goal at HDPT is to get our patients back to their prior level of function. Before starting treatment, please ask your therapist any questions you may have related to potential symptoms, safety of the machine, how our process works, etc. We are here for youand look forward to being a part of your rehabilitation journey.

Below is an image of MARS and its associated safety features.