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During the process of treatment it is normal to have increased symptoms and/or new symptoms that arise as the brain heals. The following lists potential reactions to treatment. Please note that it is not a comprehensive list.

  •  Temporary worsening of pre-existing symptoms
  •  Potential new symptoms that may arise:
    o Headache
    o Nausea
    o Dizziness
    o Mental fogginess
    o Fatigue
    o Pressure and ringing in the ears
    o Changes in vision, hearing, or balance
    o Changes in light or noise sensitivity
    o Difficulty finding words
    o Difficulty with memory or organizing thoughts
    o Changes in mood
    o Increased anxiety and irritability
    o Vivid dreams or nightmares
    o Changes in quality of sleep

We are aware of these reactions and want to hear from you about new or worsening symptoms in order to adjust treatment accordingly. If you ever are concerned about your response to treatment, please call the clinic and speak to your treating therapist.