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Post Concussion Syndrome

What is post-concussion syndrome?

Post-concussion syndrome occurs when an individual does not recover from a concussion in the typical 7-10-day timeframe. This syndrome is characterized by concussion like symptoms (physical, emotional and cognitive) that continue for weeks, months or a year or more after the initial incident that led to a concussion.

Causes of post-concussion syndrome

In general, causes of post-concussion syndrome are the same as those that cause a concussion, mainly a hit to the head. The distinction between an acute concussion and post-concussion syndrome is in post-concussion syndrome the symptoms of a concussion persist beyond the typical 7-10 recovery timeline seen in a concussion.

Risk factors associated with developing post-concussion syndrome

  • Waiting it out or excessive rest without early, active vestibular rehabilitation is the most common risk factor associated with developing post concussion syndrome.
  • Individuals who have had previous concussions.
  • Individuals with previous medical history of ADHD, ADD and/or mood disorders.
  • Younger age.
  • Prior history of headaches.
  • Female gender.
  • Initial concussion symptoms of early onset headache, amnesia, fogginess and fatigue.

How HDPT can help

Like a concussion, post-concussion syndrome is a treatable condition. Using MARS we can correct the imbalances in the vestibular system causing the persistence of symptoms. Even years after a concussion we can use our diagnostic testing and treatment protocols to identify and treat each individual patients’ deficits and get them back to full function.