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Factors Impacting Recovery

There are some factors involved in recovery that we can control (for example time spent in front of TV screens) and some that are simple out of our control (for example how fast your body naturally heals). Below is a list of factors we have found can be barriers to speedy recovery and things we ask you to consider while undergoing treatment. If you have any further questions about this list, please ask your therapist.

  • Compliance with treatment protocol: We have used evidence and past experience to develop this protocol and have found the best results when patients adhere to the above noted treatment schedule. We understand things come up and are ready and willing to work with you but understand our best results come with the above noted treatment schedule.
  • Stress: Life continues even when you are recovering from an injury and to a certain extent we cannot eliminate stress from our lives completely; however too much stress can impede recovery. During your treatment cycle we ask that you try and limit stress to your brain to the best of your ability.
  • Screen time: Light from screens (TV, computer, cell phone) is highly stressful to the brain. Although we understand that currently we cannot avoid screens completely, we ask that you try and reduce your screen time to allow for the greatest potential for recovery.
  • Use of THC/marijuana and alcohol: Research suggests that use of THC/marijuana and alcohol can stunt the brains ability to heal itself after injury and we recommend that you refrain from using these substances throughout your entire treatment cycle.